What is a Windshield Repair?

Windshield repair is a modern process that utilizes resin technology to repair, rather than replace a damaged windshield. Repairing a damaged windshield saves money by preventing the need for costly replacement. Road debris often strikes a windshield causing damage. This damage can range from small chips to large shattered areas. Most of the smaller damages can be repaired without removing or replacing the windshield, thus stopping the cracking process.

Why Repair a Windshield?

If a rock chips your windshield and the damage is smaller than an inch in diameter and not in the driver’s line of vision, we can typically repair it to prevent the crack from spreading. If you catch it early, a repair could be all you need and repair is a fraction of the cost of replacement. A chipped windshield could be dangerous and almost all chips will spread eventually.

When you call Window Welder, we will dispatch a certified technician to remedy the issue quickly and professionally. We can dispatch a technician to your location of choice or have you come into our service location and have you back on the road in no time.

Here are a few things to be aware of when considering
Windshield Repair

  • Windshield Repairs are quick and affordable and can sometimes be covered by your insurance provider at little or no cost to you. Many insurance companies waive deductibles if you repair rather than replace. Let one of our insurance billing specialists help you determine your coverage.

  • Small nicks or chips can turn into a large crack requiring a full windshield replacement. The sooner you have a repair done the better.

  • If you are unsatisfied with your windshield repair or the repaired area ever spreads, the cost of the repair will be credited toward the cost of a brand new windshield installation as long as Window Welder performs the windshield replacement.

  • A chip in your windshield can cause the integrity of your windshield to be in question putting yourself and your passengers in danger.


Mechanics man changing the broken windshield and automobile windshield or windscreen replacement of white car in Auto Repair Shop
Riss der Windschutzscheibe nach Steinschlag

What Kind of Damage can be Repaired?

The size should be smaller than a quarter. Best results are obtained if the repair is done before the damaged area is contaminated. The longer it sits there, the more air/water/debris can fill in the hole. If the damage area is contaminated, the chip can still be repaired, but the overall appearance of the repair may be affected.

How is a Damaged Windshield Repaired?

Basically, the process consists of injecting a resin into the damaged area. When the resin fills the damaged area, it is covered with a sealer and exposed to an ultraviolet light which cures the resin. This process bonds all of the tiny cracks together and prevents the cracks from spreading.

How will the Windshield Look after Repair? 

After a repair is completed, the appearance of the broken area improves, but it does not always disappear from sight. There is always slight damage where the chip was filled. When looking through the glass, vision should not be impaired. If vision is impaired, the windshield should be replaced. The whole gain from this is to glue the windshield crack back together and bring back integrity to the glass. The main objective of repairing a chip is to extend the life of the windshield. Repairing a chip is about 95% effective in preventing a chip from turning into a major crack that would require replacement.

What does my Insurance Cover? 

Our windshield repair is covered by the comprehensive portion of an individual’s insurance policy. All major insurance companies typically encourage repair. Most insurance companies will waive any deductible requirements if a windshield is repaired rather than replaced. Please contact your insurance agent to confirm your eligibility or call us and we can assist.

Our Windshield Repair Guarantee

Whether you have a small chip, star break, small crack or any other damage to your windshield, we can repair it. We make sure the job is done right the first time and is completed in accordance with the highest safety standards.

Repair That Little Rock Chip Before You Need to Replace Your Whole Windshield!

Most people don't fix their little rock chips because they are busy or think it won't do any more damage to the windshield. Our mobile service is the convenient answer, saving you time, hassle, and money.

Rock chips lead to cracked windshields, especially in cold, heat, and changes of temperature. This affects your safety and the integrity of the windshield. It is much more expensive to replace a windshield than to fix a rock chip!


Save time and money! Repair that chipped, cracked or nicked windshield today!

You have a bullseye, the size of a quarter in a very inconvenient position of your windshield. Now you are thinking you will need to replace your windshield but over 95% of chipped or cracked windshields can be repaired, this saves you money. Repairing restores the structural integrity of your windshield making it safe. It’s best to do the repair as soon as possible to keep moisture and dirt out preventing further cracking leading to expensive replacement. Our mobile services will save you time by going to your home or place of business.


Because of our strong reputation and buying power, we offer our customers a superior auto glass repair workmanship at fair prices.