Agricultural & Heavy Equipment

Given the challenging environments and rigorous use that heavy equipment and agricultural machines endure, the glass in these types of equipment is prone to significant wear and tear. Our specialized services cater to these robust vehicles, ensuring their glass panels and windshields are in peak condition, providing clear visibility and protecting operators from the elements and potential hazards.


What Can Happen If I Don’t Replace My Agricultural Equipment Glass or Windshield?

Neglecting glass or windshield replacement in agricultural equipment can lead to reduced visibility, operator safety risks, and potential compliance issues with safety regulations. Damaged windshields also compromise the structural integrity of the cabin, increasing the risk of further damage and injury.

The Heavy Equipment Glass Replacement Process

Our replacement process involves the removal of the damaged glass piece, preparing the frame, and installing a new, durable glass piece that is suitable for heavy-duty use. We ensure a secure installation that can withstand the rigors of agricultural and construction environments.


Does Insurance Cover Heavy Equipment Glass Windshields?

Many insurance policies cover glass and windshield replacement for heavy equipment. We assist in navigating these claims, ensuring a smooth and efficient process that gets your equipment back in operation quickly.

Additional Auto Glass Replacement Services

At Window Welder, our windshield replacement services are comprehensive, covering every aspect of your vehicle’s glass needs. We can assist with:

  1. Windshields
  2. Door Glass
  3. Roof Glass
  4. Back Glass
  5. Quarter Glass
  6. Vent Glass
  7. Mirrors