Auto Glass Recalibration

Windshield recalibration is a crucial part of a windshield replacement, particularly for vehicles equipped with Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). This recalibration is vital to ensure that the smart sensors and cameras connected to the windshield are precisely aligned and fully operational. This process plays a pivotal role in maintaining critical safety features of a vehicle, such as emergency braking, lane departure warnings, and adaptive cruise control. 

Our recalibration service is meticulously carried out by experienced technicians using specialized equipment, guaranteeing that your ADAS functions flawlessly. Windshield recalibration is more than just a routine step; it's an investment in your vehicle's operational integrity and your safety on the road. Call us first


When To Get Your Windshield Recalibrated

Windshield recalibration is required by the Original Equipment Manufacturers after a windshield replacement, particularly in vehicles outfitted with ADAS. Recalibration should also be considered if there's any noticeable discrepancy in your vehicle's ADAS performance. These sophisticated systems depend on sensors that might be impacted by alterations in the windshield's position or angle. Even minor misalignments can result in erroneous system responses, which could compromise the safety and efficiency of the vehicle. Therefore, it's essential to schedule a recalibration service promptly after windshield replacement or if any abnormalities in system performance are observed. Keeping your ADAS precisely calibrated ensures your vehicle functions as intended by the manufacturer, offering peace of mind and enhanced safety.


Signs You Need Your Windshield Calibrated

Window Welder is required by the Original Equipment Manufacturer to recalibrate the cameras for the safety features of your vehicle. There are several indicators that your windshield may require recalibration. These include visible ADAS warnings on your dashboard, lane guidance systems that seem misaligned, or emergency response systems reacting unexpectedly. Noticeable deviations in how your vehicle's automatic features operate, or a perceivable decline in the smooth functioning of the ADAS both signal the need for recalibration. It's important to pay attention to these signs as they can indicate potential misalignments that could impact the vehicle's safety mechanisms.


The Windshield Recalibration Process


The recalibration process is a detailed and precise adjustment of the vehicle's sensors and cameras to align with the manufacturer's exact specifications. Our technicians conduct thorough tests on every component of the ADAS to ensure they are correctly calibrated, guaranteeing optimal performance.


The recalibration process is intricate and requires a high level of technical skill and accuracy, so you should choose an expert calibration service to ensure your vehicle's advanced systems are functioning correctly and reliably.

Does Insurance Cover Auto Glass Windshield Recalibrations?

Insurance coverage can vary depending on the specifics of your policy. Recognized as a preferred service provider, our team is experienced in dealing with various insurance companies and can provide assistance throughout the claim process, making it as streamlined and efficient as possible.