Reliable ADAS Calibration

If you’re in need of a calibration for your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), make sure you are using a fully trained expert capable of carrying out the task correctly – this is not a service that all windshield companies are able to provide, as only certain technicians with a high accreditation have the training available. Rely on the Window Welder experts - all our technicians are properly trained and certified.

If a car’s ADAS is not properly calibrated, the system may not function safely. If the cameras/radars/lasers on the vehicle are off by even a few millimeters they may not give accurate readings and the system may not function properly. A misaligned camera could jeopardize the functionality of the system and lead to dangerous driving or accidents. It is crucial that the cameras are aligned correctly in compliance with manufacturer and industry standards


Dynamic Recalibration

Requires driving the vehicle at a set speed on a well-marked road to recalibrate the camera system. Typically takes up to one hour or more, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.


Static Recalibration

Requires a specific target image mounted on a fixture in front of the vehicle during the recalibration process. Typically takes up to one hour or more, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

Land Departure Warning?  Adaptive Cruise Control?  Collision Alert System?

These high-tech features that many newer vehicles have are designed for vehicle and driver safety. These precise systems rely on cameras and laser sensors that pass through your windshield. Below are a few facts about ADAS.

  • Fact: By 2020 over 40% of all vehicles will have this technology.
  • Fact: These systems save thousands of lives and billions of dollars.
  • Fact: Windshield calibration requires special training and special calibration equipment.
  • Fact: Most vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems must be calibrated after various alterations such as windshield replacement.


Calibration and Windshield Replacement

Calibration is the process of returning a vehicle’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to original equipment (OEM) specifications after a new windshield has been installed. Windshield calibration by Window Welder's technicians is essential after a new glass installation, particularly a windshield with a camera mounted to it, to stay current with existing features and to certify that the ADAS features continue to function properly despite having been moved during windshield installation.

Window Welder can calibrate most vehicles to ensure that all laser and camera systems are operating correctly before and after your windshield replacement.


An Important Safety Measure

The installation of a new windshield, installed and calibrated by a certified technician, is a critical safety measure. Generally during a windshield install on an ADAS windshield, the camera(s) are removed and unplugged from their bracket and reattached and recalibrated. Even if camera is not unplugged or unhooked during the auto glass install, it is necessary to recalibrate to make sure the features are functioning properly for your safety.



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